RCC Slab Cutting  works

The Process

RCC Slab Cutting is a diamond cutting method through which horizontal flat surfaces as high as 1 metre depth such as bridge decks, floors and slabs, and electrical trenches are cut to great precision and detail using circular diamond saw specifically designated for that purpose. RCC Slab Cutting is also known as Wall Saw Cutting and Wire Saw Cutting. RCC Slab Cutting is done using a walk-behind cutting saw machinery which can be operated by just one person.


- This diamond cutting saw requires a well-trained professional to handle it and you can make perfect, blemish free cuts for required dimensions.

- A major advantage of this RCC Slab Cutting process is that parent structure is not damaged in any way.

- There will be only minimum noise and no vibration


- RCC Slab Cutting is used to create ventilation ducts, lift sharts, electrical trenches and foundation pockets.

- It is used for bridge cutting (block trimming), beam cutting, floor cutting, column, wall cutting, house slab cutting.

- It is also used to remove asphalt pavements, driveways, runway of aircrafts, sidewalls, basements and concrete retainer walls.