RCC Core Cutting / Drilling  works

The Process

RCC Core Cutting is about making precise, circular cuts for creating holes of required diameters for various civil works. The core drilling rod is fitted with diamond pieces at the drilling end. The core cutting machine can be used for both horizontal and vertical hole making purposes.

The Applications

- Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Core Cutting is done to make provisional holes for the purposes of plumbing, electrical wiring, firefighting systems, rainwater outlets and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) installations.

- RCC Core Cutting can be done on brick walls, RCC walls, black stones, slabs, beams, columns, water tanks, et al.

- More applications like Concrete Testing, Industrial Floor Cutting and Readymade Houses are also made possible through RCC Diamond Core Cutting.

- We, FORYOU CORE CUTTINGS PVT LTD , can undertake RCC Core Cutting works to make holes of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch diameters and upto 2 metres of depth.

Diamond-edge Core Cutting vs Conventional Methods

- While Diamond Cutting system ensures faster operations and thus, require fewer attempts, the Conventional Methods are slow, cumbersome and more labour-oriented.

- In the Diamond-edge Cutting method, rebar and metal cutting are possible. In the Conventional Method, separate metal cutters are required to cut metals.

- Pre-outage work is possible with Diamond Cutting and not possible with Conventional Cutting methods.

- Diamond-edge Core Cutting is precise and within the Dimensional Tolerance limits; thus requiring only minimal patch work. Conventional methods create uncontrolled openings and require a lot of patch work.

- In Diamond Cutting, Structural Integrity is maintained to a higher level as the process is free of vibrations and allows higher amount of concrete removal during cutting. Conventional Cutting creates high impact vibrations and causes microfractures in the concrete.

- Diamond Cutting is relatively quiet and non-disruptive to the surroundings. But Conventional Cutting creates loud noise and is very disruptive.

- As the concrete is cut to size in the Diamond Core Cutting process, it leaves no dust particles or residues. In the Conventional Cutting process, huge rubble and dust are left behind requiring a laboursome clean-up.

- The Diamond-edge RCC Core Cutting equipment is manoeuvrable and flexible enough to be used in closed space and remote cutting areas. In the Conventional Cutting method, these are not possible.

- Moreover, the usage of Diamond segments fitted cutting equipment is popular all over the world for sophistication and quality finishes. We, FORYOU CORE CUTTINGS PVT LTD , use globally renowned brands such as Hilti, Bosch, etc., and ensure to give your works great and professional finishes.